Agile 30

Mentoring program for a group of 30 people to develop good quality coaches and trainers in agile space. Core focus area learning in group, building platform for sharing knowledge, creating opportunities for co-training, getting opportunity for co-coaching and earning credential that matter.

Program Outline

Below is tentative plan for 9 months but will have 15 days iteration to review our progress.

Minimum 3 presentations through Meetup/Workshop/Conference

Agile 30 will one Meetup every month to ensure you get lots of opportunity to share your learning.

  • Choose a topic to speak/present/facilitate workshop
  • Schedule meet-up for your city or looking for already scheduled conferences
  • Share your topic and presentation to Agile 30 group
  • Group member will review and provide feedback
  • Present it in group meet-up and collect feedback
  • Group will get it recorded for review and feedback
  • Share recording with group member either via google drive or YouTube
  • Group Member has to provide feedback for improvement

Minimum 3 Webinars

Group will organize one Webinar every week to enough opportunity for everyone.

  • Choose a topic for webinar as per your choice
  • Naveen Kumar Singh will schedule webinar
  • Share your topic and presentation to group
  • People has to provide feedback to ensure better engaging webinar
  • Present it, record it and share it with group
  • Be open for feedback. Webinar is most challenging as you will not have participants in front you.

Minimum 2 FREE training (2 days) per topic

  • Prepare training content for 2 days on topic related to Agile
  • Go through group review process
  • Naveen Kumar Singh will schedule training
  • Prepare feedback form
  • Need to arrange recording for 1/4 of sessions
  • Get back to review process with recording
  • Let’s figure out what’s all needed
  • Do we need any training to go in that direction
  • If needed, let’s invite someone good on cost sharing
  • Decide your goal like (CTC, CEC, PST, Co-Active, ICF etc.)
  • Begin journey by deigning roadmap
  • Find out co-coaching opportunity
  • Fill application and go for screening
  • Pursue your dream by continuous learning
  • Decide your training area (Scrum, Kanban, XP, DevOps and Scaling etc.)
  • Prepare content with assessment
  • Go for minimum 10 paid training to build credential
  • Co-Training with 3-4 existing trainers
  • Get recommendations from trainer and organizations
  • Target to complete 10-12 trainings in 6 months
  • 100 feedback from participants
  • 2-3 references for training
  • Fill application form for accreditation
  • Go for TTT (if required)
  • Get credentials and Continue

You are your own and can help in extending it further.