Change is continuous journey and we are partner to your journey for change. We join hands not to sell packaged solution but to work together to achieve goal for change. We as partner to change provide support in defining objective for change, assessing processes, understanding people mindset, designing roadmap and helping in change by continuous support.
We have expertise in coaching organization to adopt agility by taking good care of people. Our coaches having extensive experience in behavioral coaching, processes coaching, leadership coaching and technical coaching. Our coaches are certified from ICF, ICAgile and Scrum Alliance etc. Coaches are trained on large scale agile frameworks like LeSS, SAFe, DaD and Kanban having extensive experience on these frameworks.

Our Approach for Coaching

Our coaching includes 4 steps drive change and build cross-functional and self-organizing teams. Engagement is driven by business values and ROI with flexibility to come out from engagement as and when business objective achieved.

Define Goal

It’s important to understand why an organization wants to change so that there should be motivation for continuous improvement. This phase is about identifying the variables that organization feels are not in the right direction. In order to achieve global optimization and support for change, we need to identify the variables that affect the whole system.
We suggest to organize a change workshop to have discussion with management and team to define goal for change. We use some tools like change canvas, 5 why, writing elevator pitch, drawing causal loop diagram and designing perfect organization game.


Assessment includes assessing people mindset, governing processes, adopted practices and toolsets. We start assessment by capturing current processes, practices, and organize workshops to understand people mindset. Collect data for the KPIs to benchmark the current state. Identify teams inside or outside the organization that are exhibiting the characteristics of what organization wants to be. Analyze the whole system and structure to understand the impact of change to design new plan. Draw complete delivery pipeline of the work done today to identify the bottlenecks in pipeline.
Our assessment process includes many small workshops around designing value stream mapping, assessments game and brainstorming sessions. Assessment includes questionnaires, surveys, group discussions and interviewing leaders.

Design Roadmap

Transformation is about bringing change in people mind-set, organization culture and processes. Change is possible but takes time, our coaches spend majority of their time in this phase. Our coaches work with team and go through cycle of plan-do-check-act. We focus more on building internal capabilities to sustain adoption rather we stay for longer. We design new processes, help team to adopt but same time build internal coaches to take this journey forward.
Our experience says, we need invest of minimum 8 weeks to 6 months for every team to start working in self-organizing culture. Our coaches stay with you for agreed period working with your leaders and team.

Initiate Journey

Application of roadmap is the longest step in whole journey and continuous. Application requires facilitation, inspection, and adaption with great patient. Change can be smooth but majority of time it’s disruptive, we make this journey transparent to restore trust on people by designing information radiator. Transformation process depends on what kind of roadmap we have designed in previous steps but standard process includes Kick-Off Pilot, Review, Stabilize and Rollout for targeted business units.

We focus more on designing your own process Vs renting processes but we do suggest sometimes to go by standard organization transformation framework like LeSS, SAFe or Spotify etc. Lot depends on leadership team/ organization complexity and what change means to organization. Below is our model for application inspired by PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) for every change.
Review the overall progress made towards transformation goal comparing KPIs and identify further improvement to achieve Objective stated initially. We design KPIs driven by outcome not driven by output to ensure leaders focus on business value rather than fake productivity.
Every process requires continuous review in order to be effective else processes without review become legacy going forward. We propose to plan investment for continuous review by external entity. We do get engage in such review to ensure processes are going through continuous improvement.

Why Us

Our vision is to be the Preferred Agile Company and partner to your growth. Our promise is to provide the best in training, consulting, coaching and learning support to professionals and organizations and ensure we exceed their satisfaction.

We are the leading source of Intelligent Information support for businesses and professionals across the globe, providing them with enhanced workforce and the competitive edge. Our Intelligent Information Service is a unique blend of human intelligence, industry expertise and innovative technology enabling the end-user to make better decisions and manage a team or project with maximum efficacy.

Scrum.Org Training

Scaled Agile Training

  • Large-Scale Scrum (LeSS) Workshop
  • Scaling with Kanban System

Capacity Building Training

  • Test Driven Development (TDD)
  • Behavior Driven Development (BDD)
  • User Story& Specification by Examples
  • Extreme Programming (XP) workshop
  • Product Discovery Workshop
  • Agile Estimation and Planning
  • DevOps – Principles, Practices and Tools
  • Agile Testing and Test Automation


We provide consulting with defined objective such as running pilot for few teams, help in implementing tools like Jira, Confluence, Rally, VersionOne etc. Consulting to Kick-start your Scaling Framework implementation journey or setting up DevOps practices with implementation of tools.

Key areas of consulting

  • DevOps consulting in the area of building DevOps team, finding right toolchain for your organization, training staff on DevOps tools and running pilot.
  • Setting up technical practices such as Behavior Driven Development, Test Driven Development and Continuous Integration etc.
  • Setting up ALM tools and training. We provide support for Jira, Rally, TFS, SwiftKanban and VersionOne etc.
  • Agile Health Assessment by independent coaches to ensure organization is moving towards goal by evaluating processes, people and culture etc.
  • Help in rolling out frameworks like Nexus, LeSS,Kanban and Scrum by training staffs, running pilot and designing information radiator.


Small incremental changes in process and structure will fuel change in the organization; however, the real change comes when people in your organization believe in the change. Through careful analysis we must see what needs to be changed for people to feel motivated enough to persevere with the changes. This necessitates a fresh look at re-generative learning of the organization.

We believe coaching is more of open-ended work done by skilled facilitators. Our coaches are excellent facilitators to bring change in mindset. We do define objective but success depends on various factors. Coaching leads to building capabilities by enabling individual to give 100% in organization success.

Our shepherds help team to understand what success means for an agile organization. We support in your success by providing services for Leadership Coaching, Product Coaching, Flow Coaching and Technical Coaching.

Staff Services

We do support organization in acquiring right people with right mindset. Reach out to us if you need staff to expedite your agile journey.