Agile and Scrum Workshop by Community

Agile and Scrum Workshops/ Trainings that we (Agile 30) are organizing in many cities including Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai and Delhi. All these agile and Scrum trainings are facilitated by experienced Agile Coaches and Scrum Masters. This will help in understanding real-life situation and how to handle such challenges. Our community members are getting benefitted by either teaching or learning.

Masterclass for Scrum Masters

Purpose of this workshop to understand role of Scrum Masters in an organization. Workshop will help in defining role of Scrum Master and how to promote it within organization. Good and empowered Scrum Master can bring positive change within organization but change become difficult when change agent is not pragmatic. Workshop focus on creating knowledge base for change agent and help them to be empowered with knowledge. Scrum Master Workshop covers topic such as Coaching skills of Scrum Masters, Change Agent to facilitate change, Facilitator to help in getting rid of impediments, Servant Leader for organization, Process Owner to maintain Scrum practices. Workshop deals with below questions:-

  • Why Scrum Master is a management role and should not be a part time job for Developer/Tester?
  • Why we need full-time Scrum Master and benefit full-time Scrum Master brings to Organization?
  • What Scrum Masters do as Change Agent for organization and how?
  • What Scrum Masters do every day beside than facilitating Daily Scrum?
  • Role of Scrum Masters in Scrum Events?
  • Servant Leader for Product Owner, Development Team or Stakeholders?
  • What people asking in Scrum Master’s job interview and how to prepare yourself?
  • What is the difference between Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches?
  • Why and how to become awesome Scrum Master?
  • Role of Scrum Masters in service industries?

Attending this workshop help you in explaining this role in much better way. There is one more area that we will be exploring in this workshop and that is “Career path for Scrum Master“. People those are Scrum Masters or planning to be Scrum Masters should attend.

Agile Scaling Frameworks for leaders and managers

Demands for agile coach is changing and also growing but same time creating a lot confusion about coaching profile. Many are talking about SAFe, LeSS, Spotify, Nexus etc but same time few others are talking about ICF, NLP, ICP-ACC, Life Coaching, Co-Active Coaching. This wasn’t enough so we have added one more dimension based on subject like Flow Coaching, Process Coaching, Technical Coaching and DevOps Coaching. “Where are we heading?” and “what should I do?” has become a normal questions nowadays for many. This workshop will try to have answer for this by exploring all frameworks, coaching techniques and skills to design agile organization, Product Development and Service Delivery. We are going to see what exactly industry demanding and why? Training is also going to look deeper in career path for Agile Coaches. Workshop will deal with below questions.

  • Which agile frameworks for organization design?
  • Should I try LeSS or Spotify?
  • How to coach leaders to bring change?
  • What should I do to become agile coach at scale?
  • What’s the difference between product development and service delivery?
  • Which framework for Product Development?
  • Can we scale Scrum and how?
  • Which road for organization agility?
  • What to choose for Service Delivery? SAFe, LeSS or Nexus?
  • Can we have radical change for service delivery organization?
  • Is service delivery requires agility?
  • Why technical practices are so important for organization agility?
  • How to mix these frameworks for my organization?
  • Why organization is adopting Spotify model?
  • Should I become ICF coach or Co-active coach?
  • What are the options available for leaders?

Introduction to DevOps for leaders and managers

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Transitioning to Agile from Waterfall

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Masterclass for Agile Product Management

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Introduction to Agile Development and Testing

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Masterclass for Agile Leaders

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Agile Project & Release Management

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