We believe in facilitating learning opportunities while working. We bring quality workshops at your workplace as part of social learning. We organize monthly meetups in various cities and through these meetups share agile learning and understanding. Many of you may be busy individuals but we request you to take time out and attend these meetups as they are golden opportunities to meet like-minded agilists.

Our initiative is to be as flexible as possible to your needs, in terms of meetup discussion topics and time so that you can have the best of these meetings. We arrange 2-3 hours meetup during working days at your workplace. Quality is our utmost priority and hence Agilemania provides you a qualified speaker/facilitator on the chosen topic.

We have some basic rules to run such workshops

  • One workshop per quarter for an organization
  • Allow some external participants (May not more than 10)
  • One speaker/facilitator from Agilemania and One has to be from Organizing company
  • Finalize agenda in 15 days advance to arrange qualified Speaker/Facilitator

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