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We are a group of professionals working either as Agile Coach, Scrum Masters, Product Owner or Developers. Delivering coaching, consulting and trainings in the field of agile and DevOps. Having in-depth knowledge about organization agility and scaling frameworks such as LeSS, SAFe, Nexus and others. Many of us are Professional Scrum Trainer (PST) from Scrum.org and do deliver trainings for Scrum Essentials, Scrum Foundations, Scrum Masters, Product Owners and Agile Leaders.

Our group is having expertise in delivering trainings in the area of Scaling Agile frameworks including LeSS, SAFe and Nexus. We help organizations to adopt agility by supporting, mentoring and coaching. Beside than agile scaling frameworks, Kanban and DevOps is another area where we have good expertise and help organizations in designing pull-based system and bring DevOps culture to optimize their processes.

Naveen Kumar Singh

Naveen Kumar SinghNaveen Kumar Singh is a Professional Scrum Trainer (PST), LeSS friendly Scrum Trainer, SAFe Program Consultant (SPC) and ICAgile Trainer for DevOps. He is a hands-on technical coach and teach Extreme Programming practices such as Test Driven Developement (TDD), Behavior Driven Development (BDD), CI/CD and DevOps practices.

Naveen deliver below certification trainings:-

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What participant says about Scrum training delivered by us


Yes, the training on PSD was excellent. I was able to understand the basic theory of Scrum, the Scrum team, the various events and artifacts of the same. I was able to relate all the examples quoted in the training in my current project and got a good understanding overall. The training was very interactive and fully packed for the 3 days.

Shalmika Ravishankar, Application Developer, ANZ Bank, Bangalore


Very useful training by Naveen on what SCRUM is and a PSM. Within the 2 days I came from zero-knowledge to comprehend what SCRUM is, the corresponding techniques associated and where it can be usefully applied. Naveen provided a no-nonsense approach training with an entertaining mix of theory, exercises and examples from his apparent expertise on this subject and without overselling the SCRUM subject (it is a tool for effective software development!)

Reimund Schmidt, Managing Director, PT. E-T-A Indonesia


Sir Naveen is knowledgeable in both Scrum framework, and agile development practices, I attended the PSD course conducted by Sir Naveen and had a few good discussions with him on software engineering topic, it helps me to solidify my existing knowledge as well as build up new development skill sets. I would highly recommend him.

Wei Yong Kou, Daimler, Malaysia


Underwent 3 days PSD (Professional Scrum Developer) training by Naveen Kumar Singh. The training proved to be very useful as it was comprehensive, interactive and specific to our organizational needs. It contains lot of assignments and interactive sessions. I found Naveen very knowledgeable and his teaching skills were simple but very effective.

Maneesh Lodhi, System Analyst, ANZ Operations & Technology Pvt Ltd


I would like to thank you for making my three days of classes more valuable by providing your price less guide lines and practices. It’s rare to find such a trainer/coach in corporate world. I have attended many training in office but everything was incomplete.

Abdul Aaqil, L&T Infotech, Bangalore




My company was already running Scrum before the training. However, there were old habits and practices that our developers are yet to transition to Scrum. Hence, we engaged Naveen to help us with this transition in Aug 2017. The training was interesting and interactive with sprint activities. Naveen shared a lot of his past experience with us, addressing many issues that most developers face when transitioning to Scrum. His technique of making the participants realize what they are doing is an issue and then discuss on how to overcome those issues are great.

Many examples/real-life scenarios were discussed, this gives the participants an insight benefit of Scrum. Best practices like TDD, Feature Toggle, Clean Code, CI and etc were also shared during the training. Personally, I think the training has converted some participants who are a Scrum Skeptic into a Scrum Believer. After the training, many old habits/practices were eliminated and some teams have started implementing the best practices discussed (slowly but surely, we are getting there). Thank you very much for your help.

Wan See Tai, Scrum Master, Daimler, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


I would like to appreciate you the ease with which the topic was delivered with very practical examples and experiences which can be applied in our day to day project activities.
Never for a moment felt bored as it was very engaging with perfect blend of theory and hands on sessions.
Thank you Naveen for the wonderful training on PSD which enabled me to clear the certification in first attempt.

Naveen C S, Solution Manager, ANZ, Bangalore



You have done a great job in carry out the Scrum Developer Training!
You able to answer our questions and doubts, and provide different example to clarify the scenario.
Great experience to learn from you!

Chun Seng, Daimler, Malaysia



Yes, I have earned my PSM1 certification and I would whole-heartedly say that it was only because of your wonderful PSM1 training. You really showed a great professionalism during the training and I really appreciate the content that you spoke about and the practical examples that you related wherever you needed to explain the functionality. You are a real master when it comes to coaching anything related t Scrum and its related topics.

Radhakrishnan Jayaraman, Solution Designer, ANZ, Bangalore


The trainer helped me to unlearn few things and helped me to relearn many things. It was indeed a great opportunity for me to be a part of this training program and learned many new things. Thanks Naveen Kumar Singh for his guidance and support.

Harihara Prasath V, Renault  Renault Nissan, Chennai



Thank you very much. Sessions were to-the-point and concise. Due to this, I was able to understand & relate to the concepts with minimal effort. I am able to use this knowledge in our ongoing sprints and apply agile way of thinking. Since concepts were well explained and concise, I felt 2 days are sufficient for getting a good understanding.

Ashish Sheelavantar, ANZ, Bangalore


Throughout our two day PSM I course, I’ve learn a wealth of knowledge from Naveen. He was very insightful and attentive to each of the participant. Naveen made sure that everyone understood the concepts. The course was both educational and entertaining. It was filled with activities, stories, and thought-provoking questions. I am now a certified Professional Scrum Master and I have Naveen to thank for it! I would also be glad to refer Naveen Kumar Singh to anyone else interested in Agile training.

Paul Greenspoon, GM Product and Technologies Development at PT&T, Bangkok, Thailand


The interactive nature encouraged honest and open communication amongst everyone which really helped clarify suggestions. A useful chance to review current techniques and focus on improvements on Scrum Developer. Covered all aspects that I can think of. The exercises helped to build skills. Thank you for a great course.  Great presentation style with lots of opportunities to ask questions and talk about real life examples which all made for a really enjoyable and informative training

Nagaraj Patil, ANZ, Bangalore


You are simply a great trainer. No wonder people wait for you to take sessions. Your sessions were simply amazing, easy to understand. You handle tough and complicated topics with an ease and make sure that people attending the session understand without any difficulty.

Swapnil Pandey, Lead QA Engineer, Model*M, Hyderabad, India



Your coaching was helpful and good, I could understand pretty much the topics in a better way with examples you quoted, although I have a concern around the way the mock assessments are designed, they are not closely aligned to real assessments, hence it does boost your confidence but doesn’t give a real feel of the assessments, if that can be changed it would be beneficial as there are lots of us who am sure feel the same.

Nisha Somayya, ANZ, Bangalore


Becoming a member of Agile 30 Mentoring Program, Bangalore, has helped me create a worthwhile Agile & Scrum network. The organizer and mentor, Naveen Kumar Singh, has been consistent in providing value added training and workshops. Which led me to prepare myself for the Professional Scrum Master certification securing 97.5%. I was completely new to Scrum framework and within a period of 3 months, I have already achieved the first milestone of my career. Thanks to all the valuable seminars and consulting.

Antara Mandal, Business System Consultant, Wells Fargo, Bangalore, India


Really the 2 days sessions were very good interactive and knowledgeable. Especially your examples for each section were really good and easy to pick up the context. I would really recommend my friends to go for this.

M, Karthikeyan, ANZ, Bangalore


We had a wonderful experience in learning Agile methodology under your training and acquired the PSM 1 certification.
Lot of best practices and examples, which was discussed during the training helped us to recollect and implemented in our project life cycle.

Sarath Sasikumar, Data Engineer, ANZ, Bangalore



About Training Contents, Delivery and Speaker: Excellent. I could completely understand what I was looking for, and even more than that. Trainer was friendly, open for discussions, willing to support and motivate. Apart from usage and effectiveness of Scrum, we also understood things like where it is not suitable, or what terms are from original Scrum and what are added by people who follow it, etc.

Sanjay Godbole, Pune


The 2 days session was very informative. Naveen’s in-depth knowledge in Scrum practices made learning scrum practice very simple, every concept was like a piece of cake. Coupled with his sense of humor, the session was very lively and enjoyable.

Jeena Aribam, Technology Manager, ANZ Bank, Bangalore



I did like your training and the way you delivered it. You could explain important and complex concepts with easily understood examples. The workshop was also excellent.

Sangeeta Pandey, Sr. Software Engineer, AllScript, Vadodara, India



I felt you were pretty open with how the Agile training/certification industry works and you provided key inputs on how to become a Coach/Trainer. The training flow was good with more emphasis on knowledge/experience sharing and less on presentation slides. Keep it up.

Thomas Mathews, Intel Corporation, Bangalore 



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