Acceptance Test Driven Development (ATDD) Training

This program introduces Acceptance Test Driven Developmentto the audience and follows a product development life cycle approach where audience get to learn how to practice ATDD in real life projects using some the best ATDD tools like FitNesse and Robot Framework. ATDD improves product quality and help agile team to delivery shippable product increment every iteration.

Learning Objective

  • Understand about test first approach
  • What is Acceptance criteria and who is responsible for writing acceptance criteria
  • Why ATDD is important for agile tester and developer
  • How to maximize code coverage
  • How to automate acceptance criteria
  • Role of ATDD in development and testing process
  • Install and configure required tools including FitNesse/Robot Framework

Key Learning Activities – Hands-on activities (60-70%) and discussion on mentioned topics (30-40%). Hands-on activities includes product discovery workshop, example writing workshop, writing feature files, preparing test, writing code and some group creativity activities.

Target Audience – Development team members including business analyst, product owners, developers, testers, architects, leads and scrum masters.

Prerequisites – Laptops/Desktops with required software and internet connection.