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Advanced Professional Scrum Master PSM-II Training

Professional Scrum Master II Training and Certification

The Professional Scrum Master™ level II (PSM II) training is for anyone who has a good understanding of Scrum and is playing the role of Agile Coach, Scrum Master, Change Agent or Change Leader within the organization. The 2-day advanced scrum master training by is about to develop new skills and enhancing the existing ones. It is particularly beneficial for those people with at least a year of Scrum Master experience. Training is conducted by experienced and certified instructors and will gain the skills, prepare you to clear the intensive exam for advance scrum master and to get ahead of the crowd. Training is designed for people interested in improving his or her ability to apply the Scrum framework to solve advanced, complex problems in the real world.

The PSM II course leverages liberating structure to help understand various stances of scrum master in addition to various other activities and discussions. In this course, students work on real-life cases in a group setting.

Included within the course costs

  • Password to take the PSM II assessment – $250
  • 2nd attempt for PSM I assessment is free – $250
  • 40% discount on the PSM III assessment – $200
  • Lifetime validity of your certificate – No renewal charges for certification

Included when partnering with Agilemania

  • Practicing Agile Coaches and Change Agents of Agilemania Team as learning facilitators
  • Sharpen your facilitation, coaching, teaching and mentoring skills with our experienced coaches.
  • Complete support in assessment preparation.
  • Continuous support post training to improve your mastery
  • Continuous knowledge sharing opportunity through weekly webinar and monthly in-person meetup
  • 2 Free online live virtual programs to improve your skills by Agilemania
  • No cancellation charge even if you cancel in last minute.

Teaching techniques

Complete hands-on workshop to deal with organizational challenges and implantation issues. Participants learn by doing and the facilitator focuses on individual and interaction over theory and PowerPoint slides. Participants work in small teams to learn and understand the various stances and its importance in becoming an effective Scrum Master.

Who should attend?

The Professional Scrum Master II course is for anyone involved in software development using the Scrum Framework. It is particularly beneficial for those people within an organization accountable for getting the most out of Scrum, including Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches, Change Agents, Leaders and Managers

Training Outline

Over the 2 days, students will learn about areas critical to growing as a successful Scrum Master such as how the principles and values of Scrum help guide Scrum Masters in the decisions they make and how the Scrum Master can help change the environment of Scrum Teams, creating an environment for agility to thrive. The Scrum Master role is complex and often, a Scrum Master must be able to apply different stances in order to be effective, such as:

  • The Scrum Master as a Teacher
  • The Scrum Master as a Coach & Mentor
  • The Scrum Master as a Facilitator
  • The Scrum Master as a Change Agent

As a Scrum Master, being able to identify, and effectively apply, which stance would benefit your team the most depending on the situation or circumstance could prove to be the key to the success of your team.

As a Scrum Master, part of your role is to help management and other stakeholders across your organization understand the benefits of Scrum and Agile. Therefore, it is imperative that you have the information and background that is needed to gain credibility in order to be an effective change agent.  Throughout the class, your PST will provide stories, exercises, facilitation techniques (such as “Liberating Structures”), resources and more.

There will also be time in class for the Professional Scrum Trainer (PST) to provide coaching on challenges that you and your classmates may be experiencing today or may in the future.

Course Objectives

  • What practices, tools, skills and stances make an effective Scrum Master
  • How the Scrum principles and values help guide Scrum Masters in the decisions they make
  • How the Scrum Master acts as a servant-leader and improve their ability in this role
  • What the Scrum Master can do to support Development Teams and Product Owners to become more effective
  • Ways that the Scrum Master can help to change the environment making it more conducive for Scrum Teams to be successful with greater agility
  • Provide tips and techniques for the Scrum Master to work with the rest of the organization in support of their Scrum Teams

Course Topics

  • Effects on the organization of a successful Scrum Master
  • Dealing with complexity and servant leadership
  • Dealing with team conflict
  • Removing impediments
  • Facilitation techniques
  • The Importance of a “Done” Increment
  • The Sprint Goal
  • Refresh the purpose of the Scrum Events
  • The role of management in Scrum
  • Successful product delivery
  • Measurement in Scrum
  • How to support the Product Owner
  • Understanding the challenges of middle management
  • Scrum Master as a change agent

Certification Assessments

All participants completing the Professional Scrum Master II course will receive a password to attempt the Professional Scrum Master II (PSM II) assessment. If you attempt the PSM II assessment within 14 days of the class and do not score at least 85%, you will be granted a 2nd attempt at no additional cost. You are also entitled to a 40% discount on the PSM III assessment. These industry-recognized PSM certifications require a minimum passing score.

Anyone attempting the PSM II should have advanced Scrum knowledge, in-depth Scrum experience and/or have taken the Professional Scrum Master course prior to taking this assessment. However, attending a course is neither necessary nor sufficient for certification. The PSM II assessment is very difficult, and consists of multiple-choice questions based on your knowledge of Scrum and how you would handle real-world situations.

Classes Schedule

Apr 18 - Apr 19 India Piyush Rahate & Piyush Rahate ₹20398 - ₹25998
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Apr 25 - Apr 26 India Sumeet Madan, Naveen Kumar Singh ₹20398 - ₹25998
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Apr 27 - Apr 28 Malaysia Naveen Kumar Singh RM 4500 - RM 5000
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May 23 - May 24 Bengaluru, India Sumeet Madan, Naveen Kumar Singh ₹20398 - ₹25998
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Jun 13 - Jun 14 Bengaluru, India Sumeet Madan, Naveen Kumar Singh ₹20398 - ₹25998
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