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IIBA® Agile Analysis Certification (IIBA®-AAC)

The new competency-based IIBA® Agile Analysis (IIBA®-AAC) Certification addresses both necessity and demand for agile and analyst communities to collaborate and transform project delivery. This certification recognizes BA professionals' competencies with two to three years' experience executing analysis-related work in an agile context. Competencies expected and recognized through this specialization align with Agile Extension to the BABOK® Guide, version 2.

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AAC Exam Information

The Agile Analysis certification exam, formulated from the Agile Extension to the BABOK® Guide, consists of 85 multiple-choice, scenario-based questions and must be completed within 2 hours. It is an online-delivered exam that requires a computer, webcam, microphone, and access to the Internet.

Certification Exam Pre-Requisites

  • Accrued at least two years of experience applying agile analysis practices at the Delivery Horizon.
  • It can demonstrate how feedback loops work back and forth from the Delivery Horizon to the Initiative Horizon and the Strategy Horizon.
  • Able to demonstrate foundational proficiency for the Strategy Horizon and Initiative Horizon.

Agile Extension to the BABOK® Guide, Interactive Digital Edition

Developed in collaboration with the Agile Alliance, the Agile Extension to the BABOK® Guide provides guidance in leveraging effective agile business analysis to create better business outcomes that add real business and customer value. Describes both the mindset and practices to help you use continuous feedback and quick learning to prioritize delivery, minimize waste, create better business outcomes, and increase the value delivered.

AAC Certification cost comprises of two parts – the membership fees and the application/exam fees. The membership fees depend on your country of residence and it varies between $55-125. The certification fees is $250 for member and $375 for non-member. Visit the IIBA membership page to check membership fee for your country.

IIBA-AAC certification validity

The Agile analysis certification is valid for three years. The AAC certification renewal fee is $85 for IIBA members and $120 for non-members.

AAC exam pattern and syllabus

The agile analysis certification (AAC) exam is based on the Agile extension v2 to BABOK v3. The syllabus and weightage of topics are as shown below:

Topic Weightage
Agile analysis mindset and agile principles 30%
Strategy Horizon 10%
Initiative Horizon 25%
Delivery Horizon 35%
Agile Analysis Techniques Includes in every Horizon

Course Outline

This course is for both experienced and new to agile software development. It will help you to prepare for the agile analysis certification with confidence. Training is for Two days will deliver online either through public class or the private setup. It's a hands-on course to prepare you for the certification and help you become ready to work as an Agile business analyst in the IT industry.

There are four modules :

An Agile Mindset

This module covers the history of agile software development, various agile frameworks, and methods, the latest trend in agile software development, and the need for business analysis in agile software development. The module takes deep dive into a couple of popular frameworks to understand the role of business analysis and who performs business analysis works in lean agile software development. 

Strategy Horizon

We look at what's needed to start a product and craft a product vision that inspires team and stakeholders. Preparation of product backlog by splitting tasks that teams must do to meet the vision, prepare a release plan to validate the hypothesis, identify MVP, MMF, and setup team to build the initial product. 

Initiative Horizon

We go through various approaches for identifying features for the product covering Impact Mapping, Persona Mapping, Design Thinking, and Lean Start-up culture. Participants learn to create a user story, write acceptance criteria, prioritize stories using story mapping, and estimate stories using planning poker and estimation on the wall. 

Delivery Horizon

This module covers iteration planning, review acceptance criteria, understand the "definition of done.", identify work to complete stories, ongoing iteration work, elaborate stories, attend daily stand-up, and writing scenarios/specifications using specification by examples. We also talk about develop low-fidelity and high-fidelity models. Get into acceptance tests / Assess for "done.", review and maintain product increment backlog, re-estimate existing items as you get more info, customer "show and tell" (ongoing), iteration demo, and iteration retrospective.

About Trainer(s)

Naveen is a Software Developer and has played every role in software development, including developer, tester, analyst, project manager, scrum master, product owner, and delivery head. He is a Professional Scrum Trainer and software development coach. He teaches agile software development using Scrum, XP, and DevOps.

Naveen Kumar Singh
Partner Consultant


What Participants Have to Say About Our Trainer

Tan Yee Siang
Tan Yee Siang, PMP
Tech lead from Malaysian Global Innovation and Creativity Centre
Joined Naveen class for PSM during covid19 WFH period of time. I really enjoy his very interactive online scrum master training and the learning experience is great! The pre-exam mock assignment provided is very helpful too where he marks it one by one personally for each of us. Not just a trainer but also a practitioner in real life, Naveen is the true Master of Scrum!
Thammanna CG
Ally Cheah
Air Asia
I enjoyed Naveen's class for both PSM and PSPO. He gave many real life examples to aid our understanding which we can easily relate to. Undoubtedly, Naveen is a very knowledgeable & experienced coach in his field and keen to help his students even post-training to make sure they are ready for the exam.
Thanks to Naveen, I passed both exams with high scores. Next, I want to apply what I learned and practice Scrum at work.
Thammanna CG
Thammanna CG
Assistant Manager at Unilever
Excellent Trainer
Preeth is talented and has a very good knowledge in Scrum and Agile processes. Training was not just of ppts , instead real time examples on how Agile is been used in different organization which he has worked with which i think is a excellent way of providing knowledge and instructions. i recommend Preeth strongly for any of the Agile training and certification requirements.
Hazel Chang
Hazel Chang
Management Consulting Manager, Accenture
Thanks for the insightful sharing at the Professional Scrum Master workshop! I found it interesting and incredibly useful. I’ll definitely put the concepts into practice, and recommend to other like-minded people.
Jing Hong Yap
Jing Hong Yap
Senior Consultant, Kuala Lumpur
Preeth was absolutely great trainer for PSM. Attended his training, and he had shared many practical scenarios on applying the Scrum framework. Very good listener and explained very well to us that we understand the concept fully rather than just purely running through course materials.
Siva prasad
Siva prasad
Manager-Product development at Kalkitech
It had been a great experience to attend the PSM-I training given by Preeth. With his vast experience as Agile consultant and coach, he could give us a clearing understanding of the concepts. He is so spot on clearing our doubts with proper examples.His body language and voice modulation is so good to keep us active and energetic through out the session. At the end of the training, he was so successful that the entire team got a clear picture in their mind , the dos and don''ts while we practice scrum.
Jagroop Bhanot
Jagroop Bhanot
Sr. Technical lead at FIS
I attended scrum session on May 4-5, 2019 in Mohali (Punjab) given by Preeth. There were 28 employees from FIS. It was pleasure to meet him. The way of explaining the concepts were simply the best. I am working in scrum since 2012 and had a different version of the importance of roles in my mind so it was never easy to understand the concepts because it was conflicting with what I have been doing/using. Preeth explained the concepts so well that helped me to clear the PSM-1 in 3 days. His communication skills, team forming nature, listening to the audience and answering the questions with his experience and knowledge using live examples impressed not only me but my other colleagues. Before attending this session, I use to have conflict of thinking of the role with my team's scrum master but now I understand the responsibility of the role. You can go through his profile on scrum.org and he is currently the one among 500 in the world who has cleared PSM-3. I would love to attend more sessions when ever I get an opportunity. Thank you Preeth.
Daniel Morrison
Daniel Morrison
Schlumberger, Kuala Lumpur
Thanks Naveen for the great tuition on the Scrum Framework including sharing practical examples on implementation and adoption. Your worth of knowledge on this subject matter is admirable and certainly helped me in passing my PSM1 test at “first attempt”.
Bhanu Kiran
Bhanu Kiran
UOB, Singapore
I thoroughly enjoyed overall scrum developer training session. Naveen was truly my instigator in inspecting and adapting the scrum culture and it really took effect at my work. You are the best mate. Cheers!
Sushant Soni
Sushant Soni
Sumeet has immense knowledge on the topic of PSM course, he taught us in a fun way and by giving examples of situations which helped us in understanding the concepts easily. He keeps his audience engaged throughout the session and also cleared all our doubts with patience. I would definitely recommend Sumeet to everyone.
Vidhu Singh
Vidhu Singh
The practical experiences shared by Sumit are a good takeaway. He connects with the class more personally resolving all our doubts which is quite helpful. As I was travelling from Chennai to Bangalore I was scared that the class might cancel or postpone as it had happened previously with other trainer but the best part is he never cancels the class.
Shrihari Sondur
Shrihari Sondur
I attended the PSM 1 training conducted by Sumeet. The experience was enriching. Throughout the training,he presented the concepts with supporting examples which I could easily relate. Sumeet is also a nice story-teller and uses this skill very effectively in the training delivery. Thanks Sumeet and best wishes!
Abhishek Gaur
Abhishek Gaur
He is best person I've ever met, when it comes to have coaching for any of the agile courses. He is super energetic and makes the whole class involved with him and never makes you feel bore even for a second. Just trust him and he will make you thorugh all the agile concepts with through logics and reasoning.
Anupam Ghosal
Anupam Ghosal
I attended the PSM training where I met my trainer Sumeet Madan. He is absolutely an amazing trainer. The entire training module was completely discussed along with his full-time engagement. He did explain all the topics with relevant real-time scenarios which actually helps to keep the scrum techniques in mind. Getting the training from someone is usually boredom, but the training class that I attended with Sumeet was completely lively and exuberant. Must say Amazing Trainer ..... Amazing Person......
Praney Madan
Praney Madan
Recently, I was trained under Sumeet for PSM 1 , he has immense knowledge of Scrum Master roles and all the best practices. The 2 day training was the best training I ever had. It was quite interesting and nobody in his class slept or left the class in between for even a second. The examples he gave with his experience in IT industry were apt with the situations we fell in sometimes. He gave the perfect solution for every problem. Thanks a lot Sumeet. I hope if we can work someday together , it will again be a great learning experience.
Vibudhendran T K
Vibudhendran T K
Dear Preeth,
Thank you very much for the fantastic sessions on Scrum.
We have been thinking of trying out agile in our organization for quite some time, however were not confident enough. The training sessions during this week end has helped me understand scrum and have given me the courage to try out agile in our organization. Thank you very much for the lively sessions, the examples and case studies were dot on. Hats off to you sir...on your delivery style... thanks a ton.
We shall connect soon.

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