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Agile With Jira Workshop

The knowledge-intense Agile with Jira Workshop delivered by the Agilemania consultants is intended to benefit the new-age Agile cohort. It is mainly targeted towards the Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Agile Teams, Project Managers, Delivery Managers, Product Managers.

Learning Objective

At the end of this 2-day Agile workshop, participants will be able to gain in-depth knowledge on Jira and Jira Agile. Basic Agile with JIRA insights aside, the learners will have the scope to-

  • Gain a thorough understanding of the roles and responsibilities with hands-on team exercises on Jira.
  • Understand Scrum events and ability to track sprints and releases.
  • A number of exercises and real project situations are discussed for teams to understand Anti-Patterns in Jira Agile across various roles.
  • Hands-On Labs with Jira also covering some advanced topics on configuration.
  • JIRA Scenarios: Jira usage at team level, Jira usage at Program Level by tracking multiple teams progress and starting multiple parallel sprints.
  • JIRA Dashboards: Understand usage of advanced filter queries for meaningful dashboards for various stakeholders.

Course Outline:


Find everything you need to know about issues in JIRA and how to effectively handle them.

  • Lifecycle of an Issue (JIRA Workflows)
  • Cloning an Issue
  • Commenting on an Issue
  • Creating an Issue
  • Creating a Sub-Task
  • Creating issues using the CSV importer
  • Editing an Issue
  • Linking Issues
  • Logging Work on an Issue
  • Moving an Issue
  • Scheduling an Issue
  • Setting Security on an Issue
  • Viewing an Issue’s Change History
  • Watching and Voting on an Issue


Ask our experts more about Agile with JIRA and also learn about-

  • Creating a Board
  • Configuring a board


In this module, you will learn mainly about-

  • How to create personalized and public dashboards with Gadgets


Find the best compilation of Agile with JIRA components and activities for Scrum teams.

  • Creating an epic / What is an epic
  • Adding an issue to an epic
  • Create a sprint
  • Adding an issue to a sprint
  • Adding Sprint Issues to a specific version
  • Starting a sprint
  • Enabling ranking
  • Estimation
  • Closing a sprint
  • Analysing JIRA Agile Charts/ Reports


Explore what works best for Kanban teams and add value to your projects with JIRA. Learn more about-

  • Creating an issue
  • Enabling ranking
  • Ranking an issue
  • Releasing a version
  • Analysing the control chart
  • Analysing the cumulative flow chart

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