Agile Workshops – Scrum, Kanban, XP and Lean

Scrum Workshop

Scrum framework has only three roles and our workshops are designed to cover these roles and associated responsibilities. Workshops cover what scrum guide says and how to practice Scrum for developing complex software. We do understand Scrum is for developing complex software in complex environment so we teaches only how to produce complex software product by practicing Scrum. Our workshops are not associated with any certifications body like Scrum Alliance or but attending these workshops can greatly help you in passing those certification exams.

Agile Engineering Workshop

Workshop covering some of the best extreme programming practices as well as other popular practices that help team to deliver best quality product. Scrum is beautiful process framework to develop software product. But produces better quality product by adopting XP practices with Scrum. All below workshops encourage pair programming, peer code review and other collaboration techniques that help in becoming most successful team to deliver high value software product.

Other Agile Workshop

These are the workshops help organization to embrace agile values. Below workshops help in introducing Scrum and agile to other stakeholders within organization. We value the role of leaders and managers within organization and until they are not in sync with agile values, transforming organization will not be easy task.