A quick view on Agile Principle

The 12 principles of agile methodology guide teams to implement agile projects. These principles focus on delivering continuously the right product to the customer, with highly collaborative teams. Our highest priority is to satisfy the customer through early and continuous delivery of valuable software. Satisfying the customer means delivering working software in a timely manner that adds value. Empowered team focuses on delivering working software sooner to get faster feedback. Faster feedback helps customer as well as Scrum Team to...Read More


Who is agile coach? Let’s hear from a coach

I got an opportunity to interact with Ankit Tandon to understand what is agile coaching, what's needed to be a successful coach and lot more. Ankit is working as Scrum Master/Agile Coach with Citi Bank in Pune. You can connect with Ankit here. What makes a good agile coach? I would say, ability to understand humans well, thorough practical in depth understanding of Agile values, principles and practices and having situational awareness are the top few characteristics of an effective...Read More


What is all about Scrum framework?

What is Scrum? Scrum is a lightweight software development framework but how much light? I often see people add too many things and make it monster. I usually ask participants in my Scrum Developer workshop to write down all those keywords, elements and buzzword that comes in mind or you have heard so far. What they write is always mind-blowing. Who is teaching/promoting those keywords? They start writing things like user story, planning poker, story points, agile estimation, release train,...Read More