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About Event:

FUnconf is India’s First One day Unconference focused on Gamification for cultivating and fostering Innovation, Collaboration, Hyper-Productivity, Employee Engagement, Agile Adoption/Transformation/Sustenance, Continuous Improvement, Actionable Retrospection, Purposeful Reporting and the list can be endless, but we hope we made some sense with our starting points.

With FUnconf, we want to provide an immersive exploration of serious games at work. Games are activities focused on teaching, demonstrating, and improving organizational Productivity, Agility, and Effectiveness through fun activities and simulations.

You can participate in the city of your choice: Gurgaon or Bangalore.

What Can You Expect?:

  1. A creative space, created by you and others, learning together with games. You can expect people to bring in their experiences to share with you. Some Agile Games to consider:
    1. Games for Retrospectives
    2. Games for Coaching and Mentoring
    3. Games for Building Products
    4. Games for Psychological safety
    5. Games for Trust, Conflict, Communication …
    6. Games for Remote Teams
    7. Games for Leadership & Management
    8. Games for creating meaningful reports
    9. Games for Team Building & Employee Engagement

Games for Planning & Estimation

Or completely different set of game, that you can propose here.

Where to Submit Proposals:

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Where to Buy Tickets:

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    1. Proposals submission closes on 30th July 2019.
    2. Program Announcement on 15 Aug 2019
    3. Gurgaon FUnconf: 21 Sept 2019
    4. Bangalore FUnconf: 19 Oct 2019

Program Layout:

Program Layout

Target Audience:

    1. Agile Enablers
    2. Leaders
    3. Managers
    4. HR
    5. Change Agents
    6. Catalysts