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Role of manager in LeSS (Large-Scale Scrum)

Why we have so many managers in our organization. You don’t know? Let’s explore why? One of the biggest reason is merger and acquisition. Company not only acquire business but also acquire people. We can’t do much about it. What else?

2nd reason to resolve dependencies, conflict and help team to stay focused on commitment. Seriously? I usually see four kind of bottlenecks in software development life cycle and organization hire managers to resolve those bottlenecks.

  1. Requirement management and prioritization with multiple stakeholders
  2. Allocation of work to various component team
  3. Managing dependencies within different component team
  4. Integrating code of various component team and releasing to production

So what managers will do when above work get distributed between 3 different scrum roles? Yes managers can choose to play any of these roles. Anything else?

Role of manager in Scrum

What about manager working as capability builders? You may like to check my latest presentation on same topic here.

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