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CSM Or PSM – The Quest For The Better Certification

CSM Or PSM – The Quest For The Better Certification

When people started reaching out for help to figure out which among the two certifications (PSM and CSM) was better, it was surprising and humbling at the same time. When going through the links that were shared, I was amazed at the efforts to commoditize the certifications and also realized the source of their confusion. OK, here is my take on the…

How to Get Hired as a Scrum Master

How to Get Hired as a Scrum Master

Being a consultant, one of the activities I often indulge in is helping the organization hire a Scrum Master if needed. I know that sounds kind of counter-intuitive after having hired me as a consultant but unfortunately that does happen. So when working with a client recently, who was on a burning platform so to say, we reached a decision…

Agile assessment metrics for organization

Why assessment needed? Assessment is important to design approach for agile adoption and helpful for organization to measure effectiveness. Purpose should be to identify improvement areas and should evolve over the period. But many time organizations have to prepare budget for agile adoption in advance to get approval for expenses from board. They engage vendors to perform assessment to estimate cost.…