Agile 30 meetup

We run monthly meetups in 5 major cities of India to learn and share knowledge about Agile, Scrum, XP, Kanban, DevOps and Scaling Agile Frameworks.

We do discuss and share opportunities related to Agile Coaching and Training within the group. The group’s aim is to help participants shape their career in the field of Agile and Agile Engineering. Meetup is the primary home for “agile 30” candidates.

Our workshop is FREE from any kind of promotion and you will not receive any promotional mail from our community.

If you like our objective for running regular meetups then join your local meetup group. We welcome you not just as a participant but as a speaker/facilitator as well.

City Co-Organizer Meetup URL
Bangalore Akhilesh Sharma, Naveen Kumar Singh
Delhi NCR Sanjay Saini, Prabhat Verma, Sanjay Singh, Sumiti Khanna
Hyderabad Pradip Ghosh, Kiran, Naveen Kumar Singh
Pune Atulya Mishra, Vishal Prasad, Ankit Tandon
Chennai Harihara Prasath, Padma Priya, James Mortensen

If you have any query then reach out to me on or call me +91 9810547500

Meetup in your organization

We believe in facilitating learning opportunities while working. We bring quality workshops at your workplace as part of social learning. We arrange 2-3 hours meetup during working days at your workplace. Quality is our utmost priority and hence Agile 30 provides you a qualified speaker/facilitator on the chosen topic.

We have some basic rules to run such workshops

  • One workshop per quarter for an organization
  • Allow some external participants (May not more than 10)
  • One speaker/facilitator from Agile 30 and One has to be from Organizing company
  • Finalize agenda in 15 days advance to arrange qualified Speaker/Facilitator