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We offer on-job training with real-time project/product especially for digital product development to ensure team keep going from day one of training. This training includes introducing purpose of agility, related framework like scrum, Kanban, LeSS and SAFe etc. Focus areas for this training is to get team trained on real-time project/product on which team is working or going to work. Training includes hand-holding in preparation of required artifacts such as scrum board, product backlog, definition of done, working agreement and all other necessary artifacts.

The Agilemania Advantage

At Agilemania, Our Training initiated by clearly defining objective and duration (that vary between 1-4 weeks).

  • Our on-job classroom training is focused on your company’s specific training needs
  • Your confidential and proprietary information stays secure
  • The training can be tailored to your objectives, leveraging the experience of your team
  • Private training at your location saves the cost of travel and expenses for your team
  • Training at agilemania allows for better focus with fewer ‘in office’ interruptions and distractions.
  • We help the team (s) to understand the differences between dependencies and impediments
  • Demonstrate how to deal with systemic impediments
  • Facilitate initial product backlog refinement activities to prepare product backlog
  • Facilitate initial sprint planning, daily scrum, sprint review and retrospective
  • Teach team on estimation techniques
  • Help team to deal with conflict within teams
  • Introduce scaling frameworks like LeSS and SAFe based on need
  • Help team in designing meaningful metrics

Our Offerings for Digital Workforce Training

This on-job agile & scrum training not limited to new teams but we do teach and help existing and practicing teams as well on advance level of maturity. This may include use of design thinking, lean UX, Kanban and DevOps etc.


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