Scrum Master – Master of Scrum

2-3 day workshop to learn, understand and explore role of Scrum Master. Mastering in 2-3 days is difficult but still this workshop will help in exploring many scenarios where Scrum Master Role become inevitable. Workshop covers Scrum Framework, role of Scrum Master, Scrum Value, and Scrum Master as manager, Scrum Master as Facilitator and Scrum master as Servant leader.

Learning objective of the workshop

  • Learn to play Scrum Master Role
  • Why Scrum Master Role is crucial for success of team
  • How to effectively facilitate team decision
  • How to play role of Servant Leader for Team, PO, Organization and Stakeholders
  • What special about Scrum Master
  • Role of Scrum Master in Scaling
  • Required skills to be a successful Scrum Master