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How Management 3.0 enhances the culture of agility

Management 3.0 is not a framework or a method, but rather an agile leadership style present in mindset, behavior, attitudes, environment and in people. This webinar will introduce some of the practices and tools of Management 3.0 and how it enhances the culture of agility.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Introduction to Management 3.0 and its principles
  2. Overview of a few practices and tools of Management 3.0 and how that help empower and energize teams
  3. Your opportunity to improve your approach to Agile leadership skills and mindset.
4th December 2019
8:00 PM to 9:00 PM IST + 5:30 GMT
Anand Pandey
Anand Pandey
Principal Consultant

Anand Pandey is a result oriented agile practitioner, consultant and trainer, who passionately applies his 15 years of experience in supporting organizations realize its true potential and the purpose of delivering business value. He does so by sparking passion in keeping customer, and their interest, at the center of every action; building strong collaborative relationships across members of all levels of the organization toward the common goal; and inspiring, motivating and coaching team members to perform to their full potential and bring out the best in them.